Linux 2.4 Scorecard

Joe Pranevich - Originally printed Linux Journal Magazine, Issue #77 (Sep 2000)

I have been asked many times whether Linux 2.4 would be the ``Desktop'' Linux or the ``Enterprise'' Linux. In all honesty, I've referred to it as both at different times in the development process. In order to finally put this debate to rest, I have put together a ``Linux 2.4 Scorecard''. This document attempts to categorize many of the major changes in Linux 2.4 in ``Desktop'', ``Enterprise'' and ``Embedded/Misc.'' categories. Some changes appear in multiple columns. Other changes have been put in the ``Embedded/Misc.'' category, since they don't really fit anywhere else in the table.

This table is only a guess as to how the features will be used. While a particular feature might be categorized for the ``Desktop'', it may be equally useful in some server configurations, and vice versa. The category of many items is debatable, but this is where they typically fit.

Every one of the many changes that went into Linux 2.4 makes Linux a better operating system as a whole. Dividing features into groups in this way makes for a nicely organized list, but not one firmly anchored on technical specifics. Only some of the major bullet points are listed; Linux 2.4 includes many more changes across almost every subsystem.

And the result: ``Enterprise'' gains more features, by a nose.